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Wonderful two weeks on the bike with the ideal guidance of Tonio, the man behind Bike and Fight. Beautiful course with the necessary explanation about everything this region has to offer…

TOP, many thanks to Tonio !!!!


Rafael VE

Well organized rides taking into account the level present. From material, supplies to accommodation... in short, everything is possible. Jens and Tonio together ensure that everything runs smoothly. I would recommend it to everyone!


Lennert F.


I rode under supervision for the first time and really enjoyed it, the pace is adjusted to the participants under the supervision of Tonio I will definitely be back next year


Joseph DB

It's a pleasure to ride with you, fast or slow It doesn't matter and you're always ready for a nice chat. I look forward to cycling with you again. Regards


Alan H.




Great concept, great cause, great routes and great kit!!


Tony C .

At the beginning of 2022 around the Easter holidays, we had booked a cycling holiday with our cycling club to Calpé and opted for the Bike and Fight guidance.

There we were very well received by Tonio from Bike and Fight. Tonio showed us the most beautiful places in the mountains, highly recommended. We will not hesitate and choose this organization for our next cycling holiday.

Thanks for the nice holiday and until the next one!

What can we improve?: Our condition, but we can only do that ourselves for the rest nothing to criticize.


Andy S .


Somewhere one evening I bumped into Tonio from Bike and Fight in Spain, he motivated me to give it a chance despite little cycling experience and certainly not in a mountainous environment. In the meantime, many pleasant and sometimes heavy rides have been done together with Tonio. Condition has already improved enormously and are the legs good or is it a lesser day, Tonio will pull you up and over the mountain.

What can we improve?: Make downhill longer than uphill :-)


Paul P .

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